Purple Eagle Pride - Digital Spirit Week Highlights

Senior class president runs with spirit stick

The senior class shows their spirit during homecoming

The high school student council is sponsoring a Digital Spirit Week from April 6 - 10.  So far, it has been an awesome week!  Lot's of Purple Eagle Pride on display.

ALL Purple Eagle students in grades PreKindergarten - 12th grade can participate.  

You can direct message your photos/videos to Student Council's account: @albionstuco by 5pm each day.    

All entries will then be posted on the @albionstuco page at 6pm for you to enjoy.  You can also link to them below. 

Reminder: all entries must be school appropriate.  Student Council reserves the right not to post photos if deemed inappropriate.  

* * Elementary school parents, we recognize your children do not have their own instagram accounts.  Please use your own account if your children wish to participate.    


CREATIVITY DAY (Monday, April 6th)

Click on this Creativity Day link to see student submissions.  Students were asked to show their creative outlets by sending in a picture or a video of their own innovative work; anything music, art, or literature-oriented counts!


SELF-CARE DAY (Tuesday, April 7th)

Click on this Self-Care Day video and turn up your volume! - Students and staff submitted ways they like to spend free time, destress and self-care. 


WACKY SOCKS WEDNESDAY (Wednesday, April 8th)

Click on this Wacky Socks video and turn up the volume! Send us a picture of you wearing your wackiest pair of socks. 


PET APPRECIATION DAY (Thursday, April 9th)

Click on the Pet Apprecation Day video to see the wonderful Purple Eagle pets! -It's always a good time to appreciate your furry friends.  


GENEROSITY DAY (Friday, April 10th)

Click on our Generosity and Spirit video to see all the great things our Purple Eagles are doing for others. - It's an important time to be kind to others.  Do something generous (from home) for another or others, and tell us about it!