Mr Pritchard Announces Principal's Award Winners

Brianne displays her award.

Brianne displays her Principal's Award.

Each year, the Principal's Award is given to one or two eighth grade students on the last day of school.

Jermiah Weese and Brianne Haskins are this year's Principal Award recipients.  

The criteria for this award: a student that has shown growth in academics, behavior, character and overall mindset.  

Mr Pritchard states about the award, "This award does not mean they are the best students in the building nor does it mean they are a perfect student.  One factor that is an absolute for all of us is that at one point or another in our lives we will face difficult obstacles and adversity.  How we respond to those moments will help to define who we become.  The individuals receiving the Principals Award this year have shown the ability to be resilient, be leaders, shown growth in character, and have maintained a very respectable GPA.   Teachers that work with these students enjoy their sense of humor and they are considered leaders amongst their peers.  We are hopeful that the growth these students have shown will continue and we wish them the very best in high school."

Congratulations Jermiah and Brianne!

Jermiah displays his Principal's Award.