Leaving a Legacy: Eighth-graders design, paint mural for bathrooms

Leaving a Legacy: Eighth-graders design, paint mural for bathrooms

Eighth-graders in Carl I. Bergerson Middle School are currently painting a mural to install in some of the school’s bathrooms.

Featuring bright colors and inspirational quotes, Art Teacher Kamie Feder explained that the students put a lot of work into finding and then selecting the quotes that will be displayed.

“My classes researched murals and sketched ideas for the bathroom stall doors,” Feder said. “One of the common themes among the sketches were quotes which were all found by students during their research.”

This is far from the first mural that soon-to-be-freshmen have painted at the Middle School and Feder says that the activity “gives students a chance to leave their mark on the school.”

With art as a half-year course, Feder explained that giving both classes the opportunity to contribute to this project, to their legacy at the Middle School, was important to her. 

“Murals are something they [the students] can take pride in and show off to their classmates and teachers,” Feder said. “When they come back to the building in later years, it can bring back fond memories of their time in middle school.”  

While some of Feder’s past classes have designed murals for the hallway and the gymnasium, this year the students and Feder chose the bathrooms in order to create a large installation while still following COVID-19 safety regulations. 

“Due to social distancing restrictions and cleaning protocols, we thought it was best to paint panels for the bathrooms because we could spread out in my classroom and have two students working together instead of 10 students clustered in the hall,” Feder said. “We also chose the bathrooms because they need a bit more color.”

After voting on the various locations, the students chose to display the panels in the second-floor girls' bathroom by Mr. Archer, the third-floor boys' bathroom by Mr. Keller, and finally the second-floor boys' bathroom by the science classrooms.  

All 11 panels will ultimately be hung later this spring.