Science Department

Here parents and guardians can find a brief overview on current units and upcoming projects in the science department.

(Submitted November 14, 2017)

Science 7 - Mrs. Climenhaga/Mrs. Marquette

Using their knowledge of interdependence, students will create a poster or a PowerPoint on a biome (rainforest, tundra, coniferous forest, deciduous forest, desert, grassland, or marine) of their choice.

Science 8 - Mrs. Fiegl

After learning and discussing the different forms of energy and how they relate to our everyday lives, students will create a poster or PowerPoint on a renewable or non-renewable energy source.

Sciene 8 - Mr. Petrus

We have finished up our minerals and sedimentary rocks unit and are now learning about plate tectonics and how the movement of these plates affects our planet.

Science 7 - Mr. Petrus

After finishing our science skills and cells unit, we are now learning about classification.