Structure After School Program

The Albion Middle School is providing an exciting opportunity for students called "Structure." 

"Structure" is an after school study and academic support program that runs on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays from 2:25-4:15.  Albion Middle School teachers will supervise a structured, quiet, study space where students can complete their school work and read.  Students who need transportation home will be able to ride the late bus which departs from the west end of the bus loading area at the Middle School parking lot.

Time: 2:25- 4:15p.m.

Dates: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday the last 5 weeks of each 10 week marking period.

Location: Room 211

Begins:  October 17th (ends in June)


  • All students are welcome to attend Structure
  • Students may be assigned to Structure in order to complete outstanding assignments and help maintain passing averages
  • Athletes and extra-curricular participants should report to Structure at the end of the school day in order to study until the start of practice, rehearsals, or activities

Parents and Guardians:

  • Parents and guardians who are interested in having their student attend Structure can contact the student’s teachers
  • Parents and guardians can also email