Student Identification Required

Several years ago at the height of the security issues that were plaguing school districts across the nation, the Board of Education authorized identification tags for all district employees. The identification tags also serve as keyless entry into our buildings so that all doors can be locked during the day but are accessible to authorized school staff using their identification tags.

All students are given an ID tag at the beginning of the year to use for lunch purchases and to take out library books. Each tag reflects the individual student identification number which many students memorize to eliminate the need to carry or wear the tag. This identification process is not only efficient, it effectively minimizes the possible stigma attached to students who receive free or reduced lunch.

Our student identification system is also used to monitor participation at extra-curricular events based on students' behavior while in school. Beginning in September 2006, all middle and high school students must bring their Albion Central School District ID tags with them to all extra-curricular school events. These events include football and basketball games, school plays and musicals. The tags will be scanned by a held-hand scanner and an alert will show on a student's name if one of the conditions set forth below is met.

If a student does not bring his/her tag to the event, he/she will not be allowed entrance to the event. Should a parent drop off the child without his/her identification tag or if the child is ineligible to attend due to the reasons listed below, the parent will be telephoned immediately to return for the child. Should we be unable to connect with the parent, the child will be placed in an in-school suspension room with supervision until the activity concludes.

Students are ineligible to attend extra-curricular events if they have been:

  • Suspended from school 
  • Assigned to the correction room the week prior to an event for a 3 or 4 level offense outlined in the Code of Conduct 
  • Delinquent in payment of debts of $5 or more (for lost books, lunches, etc.)
  • Delinquent in payment of debts of less than $5.00 that have been outstanding for more than 3 weeks (for lost books, lunches, etc). If this debt is a result of a hardship, please contact the Superintendent at 589-2050.
  • Tardy three or more times in a quarter and/or absent six or more times in a quarter. Students who are illegally absent or tardy from school may not attend or participate in extra-curricular activities on that day.