Guidance & Counseling Office

Helping Students

The elementary school counselor’s role is to assist students with managing their emotions and succeeding in the classroom.  She often will introduce herself as the “The special helper who helps kids feel happy & safe at school.”

Students may meet with the counselor either in a small group or in individual sessions.  All meetings are confidential.  Please note, a school counselor is mandated to report instances where a child’s safety may be in danger.

A counselor helps students in deeply personal cases, such as the death of a family member or pet, or a family emergency.  Students can safely express their range of emotions and learn ways to manage their feelings prior to returning to instruction.

The school counselors can meet with any student in the elementary school once his/her parent(s) have signed a permission form (valid only for the current school year).  Arrangements are made with your child’s teacher in attempts to avoid missing any core instruction.  Priority is given to students whom are mandated through the CSE office or during a crisis situation.

Helping Parents

Counselors communicate often with parents and other caregivers.  We know that you know your child best.  If the school staff can understand different triggers for negative behaviors and what you do to help at home, it can improve behaviors noticed here at school.

Please note that school counselors are not mental health providers.  Therefore their sessions at school are meant only to support any outside therapy or counseling your child is involved in.  A list of professionals in the surrounding community can be shared upon request.

Helping Staff

The elementary counselors work with staff to ensure a child utilizes coping strategies in the classroom. The counselor can assist when a child is feeling overwhelmed by an emotion and unable to focus on academic work.

During the school year the counselors will visit classrooms to present brief topics to students on issues of "stranger danger," recognizing bullying behaviors and personal boundaries.  The Second Step program is also presented in all kindergarten and first grade classrooms.

Click on this link for emotional health and well being resources.

Counselor contact information:

Grades PreK-2

Mrs. George

Grades 3-5

Ms. Badura