Volunteers & Chaperones

The Albion Elementary School has a large volunteer program (200+ people) including parents, senior citizens, community persons, middle school and high school students.

Individuals volunteer on a regular basis (weekly) or for special functions and activities. A volunteer may work in a variety of areas. Some work with teachers and students in the classrooms.

As a volunteer, you may have a student read to you, assist with work sheets, or help review homework. The teacher may have you help by cutting out shapes and various items, create a bulletin board, or help organize the room.

Volunteers may help in special areas. One may be needed to lend a hand with various art projects, help with Accelerated Reader, or in the Media Center with shelving books, or organizing new materials.

Things to know regarding volunteer/chaperone applications:

  • All individuals, even those who have been previously approved in a prior school year, must fill out a volunteer/chaperone form before volunteering in a child's classroom or chaperoning a class field trip.  The forms are valid for one school year only.  You must fill out a new form each year.

  • Your application will be signed by the designated teacher and building principal.  It will them be forwarded to the District Office.

  • Please provide accurate phone numbers and email addresses for the references you provide.  If the District Office is unable to contact your references, it can result in a delay of your approval.

  • No individuals will be allowed to volunteer/chaperone unless they have submited a completed application and have been approved by the District.

There is something for everyone to do in the Elementary School. If you are interested in volunteering a small bit of your time to help our children, please call the main office at 589-2030.