character award recipient with family, superintendent and boy president

Two students from the elementary school were honored with the Character and Leadership Award at Monday's board of education meeting. Brody Furness received the Character Award while Julianna Kuntz was the recipient of the Leadership Award.

The following are the reasons for the honor, as told by the teachers that nominate them:

Character Award: Brody Furness

Mrs. Kenward wrote: “Brody Furness demonstrates good character on a daily basis. He definitely practices our model character traits of respect, responsibility, and optimism.  He respects all around him and in turn is well-respected by peers and adults alike.  He has a wonderful work ethic, and his work is always done to the best of his ability.  Brody never complains and always comes to school with a very positive attitude.    Brody truly lives by the motto of treating others the way you want to be treated and is an outstanding example for others to follow!” 

Mrs. Monacelli: wrote: “It’s an honor to teach Brody this year. He’s a model student with his kind, calm demeanor and excellent work ethic. He has a quiet confidence that many can learn from.  The future is bright for Brody! “

Mrs. Orbaker wrote: “It is a true pleasure to teach Brody this year. He is kind and helpful to all of his classmates. Brody always does the right thing, even when no one is watching. Brody demonstrates leadership in everything he does!”

Mrs. Bower wrote: “Brody always does his very best. He values his learning and is
respectful and kind to others at all times. It is a pleasure to have him as a student in my
classroom! He is a role model for all.”

Leadership Award: Julianna Kuntz

Mrs. Kovaleski wrote, “Julianna Kuntz has amazing leadership qualities! It is my sincere
pleasure to nominate her for the March Leadership award. Leadership is a balance
between leading by example and leading by giving/taking direction and Julianna has
qualities that speak to both! Even as a young second grader, Julianna has a
commanding presence in and out of the classroom! She excels in her ability to lead by
example as she is an exemplary student. She has almost 125 Accelerated Reader
points and is a top-notch mathematician as well. Julianna continuously demonstrates to
her peers the qualities of independence being taught this year. She takes direction and
she shows initiative in her work that is second to none. Besides independence, Julianna
portrays leadership qualities when working in small groups and socially as well. She is
as quick to help struggling classmates with their work as she is to include them in her
imaginative recess choices! Finally, Julianna shares with others her many outside
interests including, but not limited to hockey, dance and her love of Disney which in turn
expands the awareness of various experiences with students who may not have the
same opportunities as she does in an extremely humble and unassuming way. Julianna
is a natural leader and it will be exciting to see how she continues to develop those
skills. Thank you for considering her for this award!”