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The Board of Education recognized the district's character and leadership award winners for the month of December at the most recent meeting on Monday, January 3. Dakota Anstry was presented with the character award while Emily Harling received the leadership award. Both are students in the high school.

Dakota Anstey - Character Award

Dakota, an 11th grader, was nominated by Mrs. Alberston, his marine science teacher. In her nomination she states, "I've had Dakota for two different classes. In earth science he always made sure his work was completed in a timely manner. His personality is very even keel and he's very generous with assisting others who may not understand something he does. In marine science, I've gotten to get to know Dakota better. He really like the topic and is always at or near the top of the class. There are many different types of personalities in that class, he seems to be the kind of guy that can get along with anyone. He makes sure that I know if I've omitted anything in my lesson or make a mistake in a very kind way. He gladly helps others. His parents should be proud of him!"

Dakota's other teachers also recognize his willingness to lend a helping hand to other students in the class. Mrs. Newton, Dakota's math teacher, notes that he, "participates enthusiastically and is always willing to volunteer to put problems up on the board."

Dakota, congratulations on this recognition of being a student with strong character. We are incredibly proud of you and how you consistently represent what it means to be an Albion Purple Eagle. Keep up the great work, Dakota! - Principal Ashbery

Emily Harling - Leadership Award

Emily is a senior who serves as the Class of 2022 treasurer. Mrs. Pettit, high school counselor, and Mrs. Winans, senior class advisor, wrote of Emily in their nomination, "We would like to nominate Emily Harling for the Board of Education Leadership Award. Emily stands out among her peers academically and socially. She is always willing to help her peers and teachers! As a class officer, Emily has led her class through organizing for homecoming events, fundraisers and recently Senior Tea." They continue on to note, "In the fall, sadly our district lost a dear team member. As we all know, when handling the emotions of loss and grief it is difficult. In the midst of this difficult time, Emily stepped up and handled the situation with grace and compassion. Emily supported her teammates and coach and put their feelings as her priority to care for. Emily organized the swim team to plan for memorials and remembrances. In the middle of a tragic event it is easy to get lost along the emotional roller coaster. However, Emily didn't. Emily is an example of a true leader with a strong sense of compassion. This recognition is a small piece of gratitude many felt for Emily's actions."

Emily's other teachers identify similar leadership qualities in their classrooms, as well. Mrs. Dagg's, Emily's college statistics teacher notes, "Emily is a bright young lady that is always prepared for class. She is thoughtful of others and not afraid to express herself in a very respectful manner. She is a pleasure to work with." Mrs. Green, Emily's English teacher, notes, "Emily is an activist at heart. She is never afraid to share an unpopular opinion in the face of injustice. She is strong, she is fierce, she is empathetic."

Emily, thank you for the leadership you provide at Albion High School. We know that you will take these traits with you after graduation this year and continue to make a positive impact on the world around you. Congratulations! -Principal Ashbery