character award honoree recognized with parents by BOE president and superintendent

High school students Nolan Franzese and Makiya Jones were recognized at Monday's Board of Education meeting for receiving the character award and the leadership award, respectively.

Nolan Franzese - Character Award
"Nolan is new to the high school as a freshman and has had an outstanding start to his high school career. Nolan was nominated by Mr. Green, his social studies teacher. In his nomination, Mr. Green states, 'Nolan Franzese is always a team player in my Global I class. He goes out of his way to make sure that everyone at his table. no matter who they are or how they typically do academically, is understanding what we are doing. Whether it is something small like making sure they are on the right page or fully teaching/reteaching concepts during small group work time, Nolan refuses to leave a team member behind. His patient and caring demeanor are desperately needed in today's world, and I truly appreciate having him in my class.' Nolan's other teachers also describe him as a hard worker who strives to do his best at all times in class. Nolan, thank you for being a student of strong character. Your moral compass will continue to guide you on your path of success. We are so proud of you and look forward to many successful years together in the high school. Congratulations, Nolan!" - Principal Ashbery

Makiya Jones - Leadership Award
"Makiya is a senior who has been active in many clubs and organizations throughout her time at Albion High School. She currently serves as the High School Multicultural/Diversity Club president and is active in planning activities that celebrate our uniqueness as individuals and cohesiveness as a community . Mrs. Morales, high school library media specialist and multicultural club advisor, nominated Makiya for this month's award. Mrs. Morales notes, 'Makiya is a leader even though she doesn't realize it. She has organized groups to help with community projects, she takes her role as president of our diversity club seriously. She is always in the background finding ways to improve and work on cultural awareness not only with our building but throughout the district and community. She does all of these things without realizing the impact she has on other students and how so many of them look up to her for those reasons.'
The positive impact Makiya has on others was also recently acknowledged by Independent Health who recognized her as a Diversity and Inclusion All-Star. In her recipient letter, it states that Makiya is recognized for 'going the extra mile in standing up to take action and provide unity amongst people outside of their own groups. You have shown a commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of others in our community.' Makiya, thank you for your leadership, your passion for inclusion and your work to ensure opportunities are available to celebrate our diverse community. You make your Purple Eagle family proud. We know that you will continue on after graduation with this same passion for making a difference and wish you all the best. Congratulations, Makiya!" - Principal Ashbery