Staff Spotlight image for Brittany Bennett-Allis.

Staff Spotlight is a way to highlight the great people working at Albion Central School District.

Name and Position: Brittany Bennett-Allis, Middle and High School social worker

Hometown: Albion, NY

Education: Master's degree in Social Work

Family: My fiancé, Alex and 10 month old son, Isaac

Why did you want to do this job: To give back to my hometown

What is your favorite thing about what you do here: Working with a vast variety of students, families, and community resources

What has been your best memory since you worked at Albion: A student told me I was having a bad hair day

Do you have any advice or an inspirational quote you’d like to share: "It makes no difference where you're from, what color you are, how you pray, or who you love. EVERYONE MATTERS."