Staff Spotlight image for Kristin Roche.

Staff Spotlight is a way to highlight the great people working at Albion Central School District.

Name and Position: Kristin Roche, High School English teacher

Hometown: Lockport, NY

Education: Undergraduate degree in English from UB and a master’s in Education from NU

Family: My husband, Chris; children, Sophie, Mila, and Julian; my sisters, Charlie and Finley; my golden retriever and cat, Pootie

Why did you want to do this job: I love poetry and stories. The way they connect us is so powerful. I wanted to show kids that literature is something to love and use in our daily lives to connect with others.

What is your favorite thing about what you do here: The students. I find them deeply charming, hilarious, insightful, wise and foolish, and inspiring!!

What has been your best memory since you worked at Albion: The faculty dance at homecoming. The very first was the best. We dressed up as zombies and performed Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” Being goofy with the students and each other is such an incredible feeling. Refreshing.

Do you have any advice or an inspirational quote you’d like to share: Love yourself. Love each other. Your voice matters.