Board of Education

Board Members

Wayne Wadhams ('27) - President

Linda Weller ('24) - Vice President

Ocie Bennett Jr. ('27)

John Kast ('25)

Christopher Kinter ('25)

Trellis Pore ('26)

Kurt Schmitt ('26)

David Sidari ('24)

Porsche Taylor ('28)

If you wish to speak directly to a board member, please contact the District Office at (585) 589-2055.

ACS District Goals

The Albion Board of Education takes the lead in ensuring that all stakeholders work together in support of our Mission, Vision and Values.  They set District goals to: ensure equal access for the advancement of student learning; create opportunities for increased communication with all members of the ACS community; nurture and cultivate the growth of the whole child; and provide a safe and secure environment.

These District goals are reviewed annually.  The goals focus on becoming a community school of excellence, which can be achieved by having a strong desire to continually improve. Continuous improvement becomes the motivation at the building level.  Each principal works in collaboration with staff to create building level goals that are linked to the district goals.  Building goals are derived from data and the overall needs of the students.  These goals have targeted outcomes, and are measurable and relevant in increasing student learning.  The Board of Education is also responsible for working with the superintendent to establish a valid process for measuring student success.

The Board of Education goals are:

1. Increase community involvement and collaboration to strengthen community connection and enhance engagement for all.

2. Create and sustain a collaborative culture (trust, responsiveness, reciprocal communication) where all feel valued and empowered.

3. Ensure all students have an equal opportunity to reach their full potential and achieve future success.

FAQ's & How to Address the Board

Board Member Committees

Facility and Safety Committee
John Kast, Chairperson
Linda Weller
Kurt Schmitt
David Sidari

Board of Education Liaisons for Legislature Concerns/Niagara-Orleans County School Boards Representatives 
David Sidari
Wayne Wadhams

Facility and Safety Committee
Wayne Wadhams, Chair
Kurt Schmitt
John Kast
Chris Kinter

Designee to Hoag Library Board
Allyson DeBoard

Code of Conduct Committee 
Ocie Bennett, Jr., Chairperson
Trellis Pore
Porsche Taylor

Board Policy, Process and Protocol
Linda Weller, Chair
Chris Kinter
Porsche Taylor