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The Board of Education recognized the district's character and leadership award winners for the month of November at the most recent meeting on Monday, December 6. Wilder Sac Sajché was presented with the character award while Jenna Uderitz received the leadership award. Both are students in the elementary school.

Wilder Sac Sajché - Character Award

Wilder San-Sajche’ was nominated for the Character Award by Mrs. Brittan & Mrs. Kast.

Mrs. Brittan states, “Wilder is polite to a fault!  He even insists on saying, ‘May I go to the bathroom?’ instead of ‘Can I go to the bathroom?   Wilder works very hard to learn everything he is taught and is eager to start teaching his newborn brother English!”  

Mrs. Kast states, “Wilder is such a delight to have in class. He always gives a warm hello upon entering the classroom and he is ready to learn. Wilder is well organized and prepared for class on a daily basis. He is also such a hard worker. He never complains about the work, even though it may be hard for him. He has been working hard on learning his multiplication facts and has shown a lot of improvement. Wilder is also a very polite young man who shows respect to both his peers and his teachers.” - Presented by Prinicpal Conway

Jenna Uderitz - Leadership Award

Jenna Uderitz was nominated for the Leadership Award by Mrs. Arnold.

“It is my pleasure to nominate Jenna for her exceptional leadership qualities.  She exemplifies genuine kindness and compassion for others that she displays throughout her days in Kindergarten.  As she is conscientiously completing her work each morning, she greets every friend by name with a cheerful ‘Good morning!’  When a classmate experiences success or improvement, Jenna is sure to celebrate them with an enthusiastic, ‘Good job!’  She is eager to help her friends with any tasks and challenging projects.  Jenna has a caring heart and a wonderfully ambitious attitude to learn and to be the best that she can every day in Kindergarten. These optimistic behaviors, along with her exceptional responsible and respectful choices, make her a true model for all of us to emulate.  I am truly proud of you and your accomplishments.” - Presented by Principal Conway