students and village officials stand in front of decorated tree
Aubrey Gannon, Jackie Santiago Garcia, and Lucy Rivers with four members of the American Legion.
senior artists gather on stage
students strike a pose in scene from Dear Edwina
Senior Miranda Gebo with Superintendent Edwards and Principal Ashbery
BOE award winners with their parents, superintendent and BOE president
cards made by students for veterans
Kyalee Moyer in front of her presentation.
the cast of Snoopy on stage
front of elementary school
students learn about a combine from an FFA student
student-athletes pose for a picture before the games
Author Keely Hutton speaks to students
September board of education honorees
the senior class poses at homecoming
students give thumbs up while standing on equipment
NYSCOPBA hands check to ACS Superintendent.
A photo of Deputy Prawel.
message graphic
elementary school lunch counter