The Tech and Multimedia Clubs standing together.
Girls Soccer recognized as a scholar athlete team
Staff Spotlight image for Corrinda Shepherd.
Nick Radder, Javon Jones and Amari Jones
BOE award winner Al Hand with the superintendent and the BOE president
Staff Spotlight image for Kristin Roche.
Staff Spotlight image for Brittany Bennett-Allis.
students, staff and reps from DSS show off the donated bags
students and helper pose behind pallet of food
Adelyn Gephart holding her Character Award.
students and village officials stand in front of decorated tree
Aubrey Gannon, Jackie Santiago Garcia, and Lucy Rivers with four members of the American Legion.
senior artists gather on stage
students strike a pose in scene from Dear Edwina
Senior Miranda Gebo with Superintendent Edwards and Principal Ashbery
BOE award winners with their parents, superintendent and BOE president
cards made by students for veterans
Kyalee Moyer in front of her presentation.
the cast of Snoopy on stage