A student shows off her pen pal letter

Mrs. Sheehan’s sixth grade students have been participating in a pen pal program to help strengthen their writing skills and connect with other students across the country.

Students were paired up with another student in San Juan, California, this year and have been sending letters back and forth through the mail.

“First, we have to answer their questions that they give to us,” said student Lily Allison. “My pen pal’s questions to me was, ‘Where is your favorite place to go?’”

“We are writing about our pets, what we like, the things that entertain us and our weather, because they don’t have weather like we do here. They don’t get snow,” added Corbin Piccirilli. 

Mrs. Sheehan started the pen pal program years ago, first locating classrooms in towns in different states that were also called Albion. This year, she was able to make the connection across the country with a classroom in California. The students write their letters, work together for peer review, make edits, then send their letters off. 

“I think it’s really cool to have other friends that you don’t necessarily know but you’re going to get to know,” said student Kylie Brown.



A student works on her pen pal letter   

Two students work on peer reviewing each other's letter

A student works on her pen pal letter