Gabrielle Payne and parents receive award from BOE President and Superintendent

The Board of Education recognized the district's character and leadership award winners for the month of January at the most recent meeting on Monday, February 7. Gabrielle Payne was presented with the character award while Abigail Kincaid received the leadership award. Both are students in the middle school.

Gabrielle Payne - Character Award
"In a world where you can be anything, be kind... is what comes to mind when we hear Miss Gabby's name. Gabby is always the first to ask you how your day was with a smile. Gabby lives with purpose and treats everyone with kindness.

Another teacher of Gabby's said that she approaches every task, and every person that she passes by with a smile on her face and love in her heart. She's a supreme optimist even when things are hard and she's an absolute joy to work with. She's a great role model for what great character looks like.

Gabby is always very positive, not just about her work, but with her classmates. Gabby always came to class with a smile and a kind word. A great choice for the character award!

Gabby is a friendly, energetic person who adds fun and caring to each interaction. It's always a pleasure to see her smile.

Gabby is a ray of sunshine. She comes to school every day with a positive attitude. She is very encouraging of her classmates and is the first one to speak up when she notices a peer is being doubtful. She truly cares about others. Beyond that, she is extremely responsible and takes pride in her work.

Gabby, the staff could go on for days on why you are worthy of this award. It's obvious to see why you were nominated for our character award this evening. Congratulations, Gabby." -comments from teachers, presented by Principal Pritchard

Abigail Kincaid - Leadership Award
"Abby is described by her teachers as an amazing young lady who is patient, supportive and a fantastic friend to others. Abby is an outstanding role model for her peers in the middle school whose kindness radiates from her every day. Teachers say Abby has a heart of gold and always puts the feelings of others first. She always carries herself as an equal no matter who she is with. Abby is always willing to help anyone and is always first to volunteer when someone (teacher or peer) needs a little extra help. Her fun-loving nature, great personality, quiet leadership and genuine kindness were key qualities we saw in Abby and why Abby was chosen for this award tonight. Congratulations, Abby. We are proud to have you as a leader in the middle school and are grateful for your leadership every day." -Principal Pritchard