Albion Central School District has recently added more security features to continue to keep our schools and all our students safe.

The district acquired handheld metal detectors that will make searches of students’ backpacks, coats and other personal belongings less intrusive. The wands will be used to locate items not permitted on school property, such as weapons and vaping devices. As usual, students will not be randomly selected for search. Only those who have a reasonable suspicion to be searched will have a detector used by building administrators. The School Resource Officer can be requested to oversee the search, but the SRO will not conduct searches unless the severity of the case deems it necessary.

A new security camera system has been installed at all buildings with both interior and exterior views. These cameras allow administrators to better monitor hallways and outside corridors. Cameras have also been installed on all buses used in the district.

These additional features add to the safety and security measures already in place in the district, such as the Raptor visitor screening system. Albion Central School District continues to prioritize the safety and security of all students.