geography students pose with their medals and certificates

Third, fourth and fifth grade students competed in the annual Geography Bowl competition this winter, sharing and showing their knowledge against their peers.

Geography Bowl is an enrichment program where interested students study continents, countries, capital cities and geographical features of our world culminating in a Jeopardy type quiz bowl competition.  The goal is to challenge and motivate children to research and learn more about the world where they live and celebrate that learning with a fun quiz bowl.

The following are this year’s participants and their achievements:

Third Grade:
Front Row - Individual Winners: 2nd Place, E. Colmenero,1st Place, K. Ginger, 3rd Place, K. Bennett
2nd Row on floor - 1st Place Team Winners: E. Olles, Q. Pisano, M. Taylor, K. Murphy (K.Ginger)
3rd Row Seated - 2nd Place Team: W. Ernst, J. Gliwski, G, O'Brocta, B. Brown (K. Bennett)
Standing - 3rd Place team: G. Liuzzi, O. Beyrle, R. Ebbs, E. Pettit, A. Jaczynski, V. Neroni

Fourth Grade:
Front Row - Individual Winners: 2nd Place: M. Mengs, 1st Place: A. Klatt
On the Floor - 1st Place Team Winners: E. Coots, G.Smith, C. Christopher, L.Hammons, J. Bouter (Absent-B. Stirk)
Seated in Center - 2nd Place Team: M. Taylor, Z. Pore, L. Madison (absent- I. Colonna)
Standing - 3rd Place Team: B. Potter, P. Pisano, W. Ayrault, S. Sherman (Absent-K. Rickner)

Fifth Grade: (pictured at top of page)
On Floor - Individual Winners: 2nd Place: J. Nesbitt, 1st Place: C. Krull, 3rd Place: M. McCormick
Kneeling - 1st Place Team Winners: O. Mathes, K. Peruzzini, K. Peruzzini, A. Napoli, M. Krull  (C. Braley: Quiz- Out winner)
Seated - 2nd Place Team: N. Loney, A. Mathes, A. Bruning, V. Rivera, L. Griffin
Standing - 3rd Place Team: L. Grillo, I. Monacelli, B. Ward, T. Morales, L. Lopez, T. Seibert. B. Doty