Character award recipient stands with BOE president and superintendent

Middle school students Kasia Robinson and Brooke Doty were recognized at the Board of Education meeting Monday night for receiving the Character and Leadership Awards, respectively for the month of April.

Character Award - Kasia Robinson
"Kasia always displays the highest character in the class - whether through a kind word, a smile or assistance to other students. She is a shining example of what Albion Central School stands for." -Mr. Archer

"Kasia is a silent leader with a great personality. Kasia always works hard and is always looking to help others. She has an awesome attitude and a remarkable sense of humor. She is an absolute pleasure to have in class." -Mr. Uveino

"Kasia is a stellar student. She works incredibly hard, can always be counted on to be doing what is expected and is one of the first to offer to help a classmate in need. She exhibits her leadership in a very quiet manner, always respectful and polite in every interaction with both adults and peers. She has grown greatly this year and I am so proud for her to be receiving this special recognition." -Mrs. Baldwin

Leadership Award - Brooke Doty
"I have found Brooke to be responsible and hardworking with her advanced math class. She will go above and beyond what is expected. She is always willing to be a helper to her peers. She is respectful, polite and most deserving of this award." -Mrs. Wesolowski

"Students in my class seek Brooke out for help with work because they know she pays attention, asks questions if needed and is kind and willing to help."

"Brooke always puts in a full effort academically in science class. When we have class discussions or activities she takes a leadership role." -Mr. Petrus

"Brooke adds enthusiasm consistently to our classroom environment! We are lucky to have her." -Mr. Martillotta

"I have been very fortunate to have met and worked with Brooke in both fourth grade and sixth. She is a model student in every way. Responsible, hardworking and open to improvement! This honor is perfect for her! She is always smiling, which is quite infectious! Brooke is kind and caring to everyone she interacts with, which is evident by the number of friends she has. She is also highly thought of by the educators who have been lucky enough to have her as a student. I look forward to following her as she moves through our school district and she continues to grow and succeed." -Mrs. Klips