character award winner with family and administrators

Two elementary students were recognized in front of the Board of Education meeting on Monday night. Maddax Krull received the Character Award and Emmaline Gailie received the Leadership Award for their actions and character throughout the month of May.

Below is what Principal Conway shared about each recipient.

Character Award - Maddax Krull
I would now like to recognize 5th grader, Maddax Krull. Maddax has been chosen to receive the Character Award. And again…I asked the 5 th grade teachers to let me know why he is so deserving of this award.

Mrs. Monacelli stated that, “Maddax is such a hard worker and always has a positive attitude. If he doesn’t understand something, he asks for clarification. He is a good friend to everyone in our room. He is also kind and compassionate. We are lucky to have Maddax in our room and as a Purple Eagle!

Mr. Martin wanted to add that “Maddax is a student who can consistently be counted on to give his best effort, respect his classmates, and follow directions to be safe and successful in Science class.  In addition, he was respectful to other ideas and customs that were shared in Social Studies as we explored different regions, countries, and beliefs.  Maddax shows kindness and helpfulness to those around him.  He is a young man with high character and is deserving of this award.

And finally, Mrs. Kenward stated that, “Maddax is an outstanding young man.  He demonstrates good character on a daily basis.  He truly lives by the motto of treating others the way you want to be treated.  Maddax never complains, and in fact always comes to school with a smile and a very positive attitude.  He is a fantastic example for others to follow! Congratulations Maddax…and thank you for representing what a Purple Eagle should always strive to be!

Leadership Award - Emmaline Gailie
I get the honor of recognizing 5th grader, Emmaline Gailie, for being chosen to receive the Leadership Award.  I asked each of her 5th grade teachers why they believed that Emmaline was deserving of this award and this is what they had to say….

Ms. Kania stated that, “Emmaline truly exemplifies the leadership trait in everything she does!  She is a quiet leader, always doing what is right with a big smile on her face.  No matter the challenge, whether it is a hard word problem, a tough book to read or a tricky science question, she perseveres without complaint to get the job done.  She motivates others to do what is right and I can always count on her to do whatever is needed.  She is a leader in every sense of the word and I believe she will go far in life!  Keep up the great work, Emmaline!

Mr. Steier also had nice some things to say about Emmaline.  He said, “Emmaline is a very respectful student who is always willing to help out any students in the classroom as well as help me out by running anything to the office or to any other teacher. Her leadership skills have been demonstrated in my classroom by being a group leader and taking all of the other students under her wing by leading group discussions and group activities as well as science experiments. Emmaline is also a part of the banner carrier group from fifth grade for the high school marching band. Her maturity and leadership has had a huge impact on the other fifth graders that are a part of the banner carriers which has included leading the group in the parades as well as practices, when there are five minute breaks she uses the break to hold the banner rather than set it on the ground, and many more examples. She has been a pleasure to have as a student and I wish her the best as she makes her way to sixth grade next year.

And finally, Mrs. Lundmark stated that, “Emmaline is so deserving of this award! She is such a hard worker in our ELA class, always giving her best effort and striving for success. Emmaline is sweet, genuine, and a wonderful role model to her peers. I have enjoyed working with Emmaline this year and am so proud of her for earning this award!

Congratulations Emmaline…and thank you for being a true leader and setting an example for those around you!