BOE award winners with their parents, superintendent and BOE president

Three middle school students were recognized in front of the Board of Education at the November meeting for being selected as the Character and Leadership award honorees for the month of October. Christopher Almonte was given the Character Award while twin sisters Kamryn and Kendall Peruzzini were bestowed the Leadership Award.

Character Award - Christopher Almonte
"Christopher Almonte has shown exceptional character this school year.  Not only does he greet his teachers in the morning, his manners are impeccable.  Where some students would take advantage of open seats or jobs when there is an absence in class, Chris always asks politely if he may work in a different location or do something outside of the daily routine.  The real reason why Chris is so deserving of this award is the actions he takes when he thinks no one is watching.  While working on a multi-step project, requiring different stations, Chris noticed a student who was struggling.  Chris went up to the student, asked if he would like help and proceeded to give this student a mini demonstration. He took the struggling student to the different areas of the room and waited for him to complete each step.  Before  Chris moved onto his own project, he checked with the student he was helping to make sure he knew what to do now.  As educators, these are the actions that warm our hearts.  

I received this email from Chris’s teacher and a few days later as I was making rounds, popping into classrooms.  I saw Christopher in the room and told him that I heard something about him that made me very proud and was so pleased with the great character that he demonstrated.  The teacher in the room heard this conversation and replied, “I’m not surprised.  That’s Christopher every day!”   At that point, I knew we chose the right young man to receive this award.  We have no doubt that Christopher will be successful in whatever he chooses to do in life.  His consideration and compassion for others makes us proud and honored to have him a student and a member of our community." -Principal Pritchard

Leadership Award - Kamryn and Kendall Peruzzini
"These two young ladies are sisters and were nominated by their teachers as a pair.  First time for everything!  Getting to know these two over the last couple of months, it's easy to understand why they were nominated for this award.  Mature beyond their years, grounded, and overall the type of leadership we need to celebrate.

One example of the type of leadership they demonstrated by Kendall to achieve this award tonight was approaching a 7th grade student who was all alone outside during our weekly recess.  She introduced herself and the two girls walked around outside, visiting with one another.  Kendall listened intently as this other young lady spoke to her, smiling and acknowledging her words.  What Kendall may not have previously known is that this girl has struggled to make friends and often spends time alone.

 Kamryn’s teachers said that they always extend a warm welcome to new students, are always offering to help classmates and teachers in some way, and model compassion toward EVERYONE around them.  I have stood in awe watching their interactions with others in the halls between classes, smiling and sharing friendly words with any and all they cross paths with.  They bring something incredibly special to our middle school - they lead by example with loving hearts.  We are privileged to work with kids with such impressive character. 

 Our last testimonial on both of the girls comes from our Middle School 12:1:1 special education teacher, Mrs. Berg:

'These two extraordinary young ladies approached me about volunteering in my room in September.  I told them they were free to volunteer whenever they had time in their schedule. Both young ladies have come to our room on multiple occasions working one on one and in groups with students on reading, writing, spelling,and social skills. Each of these girls has helped make learning fun with the students they have worked with. They go out of their way to make connections with all of my students in the classroom and in the hallway!  They have gone as far as looking up interests that my students have expressed at home and then coming to school to talk about it! They also brought other friends to our room to volunteer and work with our students! They have been an asset in the classroom and have been amazing role models!'"