graphic for staff spotlight

Staff Spotlight is a way to highlight the great people working at Albion Central School District.

Name and Position: Allyson DeBoard, middle school library media specialist

Hometown: Medina, NY

Education: MS in school librarianship

Family: My husband David, my step-daughters Amiley and Isla, and my son Samuel

Why did you want to do this job: I've always loved reading - my high school librarian had a huge impact on me and encouraged me to pursue this career.

What is your favorite thing about what you do here: I get to instill a love of reading in all students and teach them skills that can help them throughout their lives!

What has been your best memory since you worked at Albion: Watching the students come into the library excited to be here after all the changes I've made has been the best memory so far.

Do you have any advice or an inspirational quote you’d like to share: "I've always thought that a good book should be either the entry point inward, to learn about yourself, or a door outward, to open you up to new worlds." - Taylor Jenkins Reid