character award honoree and her mother pose with BOE president and superintendent

Two middle school students were recognized in front of the Board of Education at the February meeting for being selected as the Character and Leadership award honorees for the month of January. Cerenity Johnson received the Character Award while Julia Graham was bestowed the Leadership Award.

Below is what the students' teachers had to say in their nominations.

Character Award: Cerenity Johnson
"What a fantastic choice! She finished her work early often, so she went around and helped others with their assignments. Cerenity just always says please and thank you and has a smile every day.  I miss her in my class."

Another teacher wrote how they witnessed Cerenity walking down the hall with a friend one day and overheard her encouraging her friend to get her schoolwork done and offered help if she needed it.

"Serenity is a wonderful young lady. She is an amazing writer! Her stories have a lot of depth and are very interesting! She is also hard working, always trying to improve!"

"Cerenity has shown great character throughout the school year. Cerenity is always on time and ready to learn the moment she steps foot into the classroom. She balances both extracurricular activities like volleyball and the plays and still maintains a high GPA. She shows grit and fortitude when faced with challenges and always maintains her positive attitude. Cerenity is a perfect fit to receive the character award."

Leadership Award - Julia Graham:

"Julia is a remarkable math student. In fact, she earned a MATHLETE award for the highest average in her class. She is a remarkable friend to her peers, always willing to help them if they are struggling."

"Julia is a proven leader. She has been a leader in assigning students who were having trouble with anything from opening lockers to help with an assignment. Julia asks great questions and is always willing to help students that need help. Julia always uses her extra time wisely and is willing to lend a hand to other students."

"Another wonderful choice. Julia volunteers in class discussions and is also always kind to others. She is a very hard worker and maintains excellent grades in her classes. If she is absent, she demonstrates responsibility to find out what she missed and makes it up."

"Leadership is but one of the many qualities and skills Julia demonstrates on a daily basis. I was using 'an unknown student' as an example in my classes and in each class students called out, 'That's Julia!' Her peers recognize and admire her leadership by example in academics, work ethic and kindness."

"Julia is willing to do anything she's asked and she does it with a smile! She is most deserving of this award. Kind and caring of others, perfect choice for our leadership award!"